A few things probably come to your mind when you reflect back on March 2021.
1. It didn’t really snow.
2. We had some really nice warm days.
3. It wasn’t that muddy until the last few days.

Let’s break down the numbers:


The average temperature in March 2021 was 38.6°, which is 4.4° above normal. This makes it the 17th warmest March on record since 1902. Last year was the 10th warmest on record.


The total amount of precipitation (this includes rain and water equivalent from any snowfall) was 1.36″ which is 1.59″ below normal! This makes March 2021 the 9th driest on record since 1902.


There was hardly any snow. Only 4.6″ was recorded at the Syracuse airport which is 13.4″ below normal. This makes March 2021 the 13th least snowiest March on record since 1902.

Snow stats as of 3/31/2021