SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV)– A party like no other plans to make a return to Marriott Syracuse Downtown to ring in the New Year, and despite rising COVID-19 cases, the hotel doesn’t have any plans to cancel the big night.

“People are just so excited to be back to normal in any way that they can, they just want to be out doing something with friends, with family,” hotel manager, Melissa Oliver said.

When Governor Hochul announced a new mask mandate requiring all indoor public places to either mask up or require everyone to show proof of vaccination, the hotel decided to choose the option not many other businesses in Central New York have taken, requiring everyone to be vaccinated to attend. 

“It’s impossible for us to police 800 plus people to wear masks at an event where all you’re doing is walking around, eating, drinking, and dancing, there would be no way to enforce that,” Oliver said.

And the choice to require vaccination for everyone was a welcomed one by their guest list that’s growing every day. Oliver said they expect to have between 850-900 attendees for the New Year’s Eve celebration. 

Before entering the ballrooms, each guest will have to show either their physical vaccine card or the New York State Excelsior Pass with a matching form of identification to be allowed in. 

“So the rule was really clear from the Governor that you had to have everyone in your building vaccinated; it couldn’t be just the guests or just the staff, so we actually have employees who will not be working after a certain time that day because the whole building will have been vaccinated.”

Melissa Oliver, Marriott Syracuse Downtown Manager

Now they’re keeping their fingers crossed that nothing derails their big plans.

“Our biggest concern now is anything going to change between now and then?”

Melissa Oliver, marriott syracuse downtown manager

Since everyone will be vaccinated, masks are not required for the event. Oliver said tickets for the event will be on sale until December 29. For more information, click here.