SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV)- Syracuse Mayor Ben Walsh announced the adoption by the City of Syracuse Industrial Development Agency (SIDA) of new policies to require project developers to hire more construction workers who are city residents. The SIDA has also approved new provisions to stimulate more affordable housing in the City of Syracuse.

“These new SIDA policies align the interests of the community, project developers and the City. With these policies, the City becomes an even stronger partner in the Syracuse Build initiative to increase careers and opportunity in the construction industry for women, people of color, veterans and city residents.

-Syracuse Mayor Ben Walsh

The requirements for SIDA include the following:

  •  Any project undertaken by SIDA commits to hiring 10% of its construction workforce from residents of the city.
  • Any project undertaken by SIDA to commit to hiring 10% of the value of its SIDA benefits from hiring MWBE vendors during the construction phase.
  • Any project that dedicates more than 70% of its total square footage to housing must set aside 20% of the units to rent to tenants at or below 80% of the area median income (AMI) at a rent equal to more than 30% of income, inclusive of utilities.

“SIDA’s policies mean more city residents and more MWBE enterprises will benefit from the City’s investment in economic development projects,” Walsh says. “They will also lead to more quality, affordable workforce housing in Syracuse.”

SIDA is also permitting that anyone interested must undertake and perform an act of community service for residents of the city.

These activities may include:

  • Participation in the City’s Summer Youth Employment Program
  • Development of an internship program in conjunction with the Syracuse City School District
  • Dedication of funds to support Syracuse Build, the Greater Syracuse Land Bank, or the Syracuse Parks Conservancy.

The agency is expected to implement the new policies beginning Jen. 1, 2023.