SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) – Syracuse Mayor Ben Walsh has announced the routes that will be covered by this year’s expanded snow removal program.

According to the City of Syracuse, the city will now be clearing 125 miles of sidewalk throughout the city.

The expanded route includes the following sections:

  • First North
  • Court Streets
  • Burnet Avenue
  • East Fayette Street
  • South State
  • South Salina Streets
  • Milton Ave.
  • Park Ave.

A map of routes can be viewed here.

“Sidewalk snow removal is an example of what we can accomplish as a city,” said Mayor Ben Walsh. “We’re making neighborhoods more walkable every winter.  And the more we expand the program, the safer our city becomes for both pedestrians and drivers.”

Mayor Walsh does remind locals that sidewalk snow removal is still the responsibility of property owners and that the program is only supplemental.

Mayor Walsh also insists that residents still clear their sidewalks of snow and ice in case City Contractors are not able to plow their routes by 6 p.m.

According to the City ordinance, residents should not shovel, sweep, throw, plow, or otherwise deposit snow or ice into a street, sidewalk, or City park.

Residents can learn more about the program and monitor the City’s sidewalk plowing efforts in real time by visiting

To learn more about the City’s other winter weather operations or parking requirements and best practices for winter, visit