SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — The Syracuse Police Department has named the victim in Wednesday’s homicide at the Skyline Apartments in Syracuse. They say they found Concetta “Connie” Tuori, 93, dead after police were called to the apartment for a status check.

Syracuse Police say the apartment complex on James Street, near the corner of Lodi, has been subject of hundreds of  complaints in the past year and Mayor Ben Walsh called the Skyline Apartments “problem number one for the city.”  The mayor says he is frustrated with the owners, Green National, which is run by Troy Green and his father, former SU and NFL player Tim Green.   

Walsh says he spoke with Troy Green Thursday morning.

“He indicated that our priorities were aligned in protecting the health and safety of the people that live there, but I was clear with him, that’s not what is happening right now and unless it does, again, we’re continue to pursue all legal options,” Mayor Walsh said.

Walsh says those legal options would include having the city take over the building or shutting it down. But the mayor says the latter would be a problem because of the number of people that still live in the complex.

Here is how Walsh described some of the conditions city workers have found when inside the apartment building.

“These are individuals that go see the worst of the worst apartments. The things that they saw there, whether it was feces or needles is a condition that nobody should be living in that led me to pick up the phone and reach out to the ownership myself,” Walsh said.