MANLIUS, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Just days after Manlius Police announced they thwarted a threat by a Jamesville man to shoot up the Tops in the village, the police chief abruptly resigns, much to the surprise of the Fayetteville Mayor.

“I got a call last night from the supervisor. But what happened and why,” said Fayetteville Mayor Mark Olson. “Those answers I just didn’t get.”

He tried pressing for more insight into the situation with the Manlius police chief but got basically nowhere.

Olson said he asked why.

“I was told they were going in a different direction. And then I said what is that direction, and then no answer,” Olson.

Mayor Olson said in 1985 his village as well as Kirkville, Minoa, and the Village of Manlius agreed to consolidate and have the Town of Manlius Police handle police service.

“They formed this police committee of three mayors and two from the town,” Olson explained. “That five-person committee is there tasked at looking at all the things. In the past, it’s worked very well. That committee made recommendations to hire chiefs.”

He along with Village of Manlius Mayor Paul Whorrall are concerned about the lack of communication happening here this week with the resignation and the threat.

“We need to answer our citizens,” said Whorrall. “As Mayors we’re responsible for our citizens and if they’re not going to give us information, how can we do that?”

“This is not political, this is public safety and our residents need and want to feel safe. And we want to make sure that happens because we gave up our police departments for that reason,” Olson said.

They hope this different direction also includes improving the lines of communication.

The senior police captain will serve as interim police chief until a new one is named.