SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — County Executive McMahon announced that the National Ambulance
Contract (NAC) will begin Friday, December 10, for Syracuse and Onondaga County.

The NAC will be implemented to ensure that hospital capacity remains manageable for local area hospitals.

Ambulances and personnel will arrive at the New York State Fairgrounds ready to work with local hospitals to prioritize the transportation of patients to other hospitals within the region or state.

“Onondaga County is fortunate to have some of the best hospitals in the country with the best and brightest personnel anywhere. They have been on the frontlines since day one and continue to tirelessly and heroically serve our community,” said McMahon.

The idea behind the initiative is to ensure hospital capacity remains at manageable levels.

The activation of the NAC will prioritize transfers throughout the state to help balance the number of patients already in local hospitals.

Deployment of ambulances and personnel will last 30 days, with an option to continue for an additional 30 days after the initial attempt.

“The deployment of the National Ambulance Contract will ensure that our local hospitals
will be able to continue effectively serving our community through coordinated efforts among our local
and state partners.”

According to the county, some patients will still be transferred to local hospitals.