SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — The McMahon Ryan Advocacy center revealed their new mobile unit on Tuesday.

The unit will be utilized in several ways, including off-site interviews of child abuse victims, counseling services during times of crisis with youth experiencing trauma due to gun violence, and prevention and education outreach events.

The advocacy center will also partner with Street Addiction Institute Incorporated, which is something CEO Timothy Jennings-Bey is excited about.

“We are going to be going into the schools, hopefully, community centers, wherever we have the opportunity to meet the young people,” he said, “And help them to become productive members and give back to a sense of wholeness in our community.”

The mobile unit will serve multiple purposes, starting with face-to-face interaction and help for those experiencing trauma, to mentorship and providing youth with a break from that trauma.

“You should be learning how to fix a bike chain, change fishing wire, going fishing, things that capture your innocence,” he said.

Jennings-Bey and the entire team are committed to doing just that. Especially after instances where young people have experienced a troubling situation.

Onondaga County District Attorney William Fitzpatrick said, “We often focus on the deceased and we try to get justice for them and the collateral damage is sometimes overlooked.”

This is what makes those moments that capture the innocence, so much more important.

“Those are the moments in adulthood that we all lean on because as we grow life happens and we tend to lose some of that.”