SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Because of social distancing guidelines, the McMahon Ryan Child Advocacy Center will be observing their Go Blue 4 Kids month, also known nationally as National Child Abuse Prevention Month, a little differently.

During the month of April, the Center hosts a number of key events that include the Go Blue 4 Kids Breakfast, Pinwheel Ball and Step Up 4 Kids 5k & Fun Run.

These events bring in the majority of the McMahon Ryan Child Advocacy Center’s yearly donations.

Here are the different ways you can still help:

  • Blowing Someone Away With Pinwheels
    • “Blow Away” family, friends or co-workers with 50 pinwheels planted in their lawn or delivered to work. They will be challenged to blow someone else away, extending the reach of awareness and fundraising.
  • Give To One Of 100 Holes 4 Kids Golfers
    • Each year, a group of community leaders and local players hit the greens for a 12-hour marathon round of golf. Help each of them raise funds by donating to your favorite player.
  • Donate to McMahon Ryan Directly
    • For over 20 years, the McMahon Ryan Child Advocacy Center has helped thousands of abused children and victims of human trafficking in the Onondaga County Community. A gift in any amount will help these victims.
  • Buy Merchandise
    • Merchandise like Pinwheel Gardens, pinwheel flowerpots, pinwheel lapel pins, and Go Blue 4 Kids wristbands are available for purchase.
  • Participate In The Virtual 2020 Step Up 4 Kids 5k & Fun Run

During this time, it has been said that we will see an increase in child abuse. This is because children have been pulled out of schools that are considered their safe zones. Teachers, counselors, and administrators are normally the ones who report child abuse according to the recent USA Today article. Since the children aren’t in the presence of the “tipsters”, the number of calls to report abuse will, unfortunately, decrease until the children are back in their safe zones. At that time, we anticipate a large influx of cases at the Center.

For details on the above-mentioned ways to help visit here.