SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Memorial day weekend for many means spending time with family and friends, enjoying the weather, and in some cases, traveling to do so.

However, with the rise in gas prices over the past year, many have had to alter their travel plans.

“Vacations are probably going to be cut back for a little while,” said Robb Blandford, “so it does definitely affect that aspect of enjoying life.”

Melinda Bullock agreed, even saying that because of the car she drives, it forces her to budget out her trips.

“I would like to go camping or to really go a distance,” she said, “But due to the fact that I do drive a big truck, I have to consider the cost wherever I go.”

Blandford says for him and his family it means changing the way they approach their vacations over the summer months.

“Instead of vacations out of state or something like that, probably try to stay local,” he said, “So that you don’t have to travel as much.”

There is some relief on the way, however, as the State and county Gas tax will be suspended June 1 until December 31.

For folks in Onondaga County they will save approximately $.16 cents per gallon in state tax and $.7 cents in county tax. Totaling to $.23 cents in savings, per gallon.