FULTON, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Before an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) can hop in an ambulance, they need to train in class. Menter Ambulance is training its sixth class of aspiring EMTs in its EMT Academy.

“Paramedics, EMTs are on the road – rain, snow, sleet, ambulances on the road, people in all kinds of situations,” said Joseph Provost, the Public Information Officer for Menter Ambulance. “Sometimes we find that people come into the industry don’t stay.”

To get them to stay, Menter Ambulance created the academy in February of 2020. Training can cost up to $1,200 out of pocket and luckily, the academy takes care of those costs. Trainees are also paid full-time. Provost knows firsthand how much this could help.

“Not only did I have to pay that money out of pocket when I did my course many years ago, but I also then had to work a fulltime job, trying to fit in my schedule for the classes and the study required for all the exams.”

Joseph Provost, Menter Ambulance Public Information Officer

“With Menter Ambulance paying for everything, it gives us the opportunity to not have to stress about another thing on top of school,” said Maya Tonkin, an EMT trainee. “We can focus more on our school work and being on the road.”

Provost said Menter’s pass rate is 98 percent and the training is rigorous. During the class NewsChannel 9 visited, they were learning how to assess a patient when they respond to a call.

The hours are long, with difficult, but important lessons. The assistance Menter is providing makes it all worth it.

“What we do makes a difference in our local community,” Provost said.

The current academy started on September 12, 2022. Trainees have their NYS Practical Examination on November 16, 2022, and if they pass their exams, they could be certified EMTs by Thanksgiving.

Menter Ambulance is working with Oswego County Emergency Management and Workforce New York for the academy.

There are no income requirements to receive assistance. The next EMT Academy will be summer of 2023. If you want to learn more you can call (315) 592-4145 or visit their website.