LIVERPOOL, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Micron is expanding its reach outside of Clay with a new Chip Camp, in Liverpool.

There’s no break during spring break for more than 100 Liverpool middle school students who are going to the camp, but they say there’s no place they would rather be.

“I love learning about the STEM program, learning about the new things we are doing, we are having a great time here,” said Will Kerneklian, an 8th-grade student.

Micron’s chip camp is a three-day, hands-on, STEM experience, that will include a trip to Cornell University.

“I’m hoping to learn more activities that I can try at home. Maybe buy materials that I can do at home,” added another 8th-grade student, Yuna Dhakal.

According to Micron employee, Robert Simmons, they are seeing a new generation of kids getting excited about STEM education.

“We are seeing brilliance. We are seeing young people get excited about STEM education, we are seeing a community embrace young people about STEM,” said Simmons.

This unique opportunity is free for students, made possible by a 40-thousand dollar grant from the Micron Foundation.

“The goal is to make sure we have the next generation of leaders in STEM, starting really young. We want to make sure we support them early,” Simmons explained.

In addition to this camp, there’s going to be one offered in the North Syracuse Central School District and at OCC, but Micron has big plans to expand in this area.

“We would love to expand throughout Central New York, We’ve had meetings with a variety of people to figure out how to do that,” said Simmons.

The other two camps here in the Syracuse area are coming up this summer. The OCC one includes students from East Syracuse Minoa, the Onondaga Nation and Syracuse City.

Micron Chip Camp Summer Dates in Central New York:

  • North Syracuse Central School District camp is June 27-29
  • OCC camp is July 11-13

Micron says it wants to bring its junior camp here to Central New York, meaning kids as young as third grade.

This week’s camp will end on Thursday, April 6, when students will launch their own rockets.

Who knows, it might just be the spark that blasts off a new passion in chip manufacturing or another STEM career.