SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Unlike most parents connected to the Lockerbie Bombing, Susan Price’s daughter didn’t die.

In fact, 34 years ago, her daughter was in Italy and hadn’t found out about the terror attack that took down Pan Am Flight 103.

“They stayed in Rome for a few days not knowing what was going on, because they couldn’t read the Italian newspapers,” remembered Price.

It was in Switzerland, where her hostel roommates realized Carolyn was an SU student and should be told what happened.

Her mom remembers: “One of the students took them to the library where there was USA Today and showed them coverage of the Flight 103. Carolyn knew them all. It was a hugely important day in her life. The greatest loss of her life.”

Carolyn was part of the abroad group in London that fall. Because she was staying in Europe for Christmas, she took a different flight and split from the group at the airport.

“In the morning, they all got on the bus together to go to the airport. Carolyn went to the gate and waved the kids off that were boarding the plane to New York.”

That plane went down an hour later after a terrorist loaded a bomb into the luggage load.

The man suspected of making the device was charged in a United States courtroom just last week.

243 passengers and crew were killed, including students from Syracuse University, SUNY Oswego and Colgate University. The debris from above killed 11 people on the ground.

Carolyn’s mom says her gratitude for surviving is often diluted by guilt.

“She’s not healed,” she said. “Never will heal.”