SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV)- On Tuesday, September 27, at approximately 9:15 p.m., more than 200 Sysco Teamsters walked off the job in Syracuse to protest unfair labor practices.

In an interview with Keith Hubbard, the Union Steward at Sysco, Hubbard expresses the worker’s concerns on treatment and unfair labor practices.

“We are currently on strike because we worked through the pandemic with broken promises about wages and being told that they would be taking care of us with the next upcoming contract. The contract expired on August 20. We have several unfair labor practices, several unresolved grievances, and wage disputes. Until those are resolved we are going to continue to remain strong and show solidification. The buck starts here. We have to have some money.”

Union Steward at Sysco, Keith Hubbard

The workers reportedly feel as though they have been ignored by the company. Hubbard claims that the group will remain on strike until something is done regarding the issues.

“We are willing to do this for as long as it takes. Solidarity is union strong. We are not going to budge. We are hoping to come to agreement before everyone has to pay financially. Support from drivers blowing horns– it shows America is fed up with unfair labor practices and corporate greed. I think it’s up to the teamsters of America to be the strongest union here, and we are going to draw line in sand.”

Union Steward at Sysco, Keith Hubbard

According to Hubbard, the group has had multiple meetings with the corporation but has gotten nowhere. During these meetings, the company has failed to negotiate seven out of the 11 things presented, ultimately only negotiating on four.

Sysco Syracuse has since made a statement in regards to the worker protest, saying in part, “Sysco Syracuse offered wage increases that would place our associates at or above market, along with a $2,500 signing bonus, comprehensive health, and welfare benefits, and paid time off.”

Sysco Syracuse goes on to say, “Despite our best efforts, we have not been able to reach an agreement and the union has declared a work stoppage at Sysco Syracuse.”

Their statement concludes by saying that they do appreciate their drivers and warehouse associates along with the contributions made by the workers. They intend to provide fair and competitive pay and benefits while balancing the needs of their customers and their business.

At this time, the Syracuse Sysco company has positioned third-party resources to support the site while the strike is going on.