Election Day will see thousands of people in Onondaga County flocking to the polls, but for most people too young to vote, it will be a day off.

The County’s Democratic Elections Commissioner led the push to have schools keep students home next Tuesday.

Dustin Czarny says first it addresses security concern of having general people coming in and out of schools, many used as polling places, while students are in class.

Czarny tells NewsChannel 9, “We can’t find polling places that are handicap accessible with access to parking with the rooms we need that are readily available, schools need to be used.”

Actually Czarny says the Presidential Elections Commission recommends schools be used as polling places.

By keeping students home on Election Day it not only eliminates the security issue he says it also alleviates traffic congestion of buses dropping off and picking up students while people are trying to get in and out to vote.

It also creates more parking for voters to use when polling places are at schools.

“You know, if a school goes on lockdown or something happens in the community there’s all kinds of complications that can happen and when the students aren’t there those complications go out the window.”  Czarny says.

Not all students in Onondaga County will have the day off.

Jamesville-Dewitt has opted out, so even though some of their schools will be used as polling places, kids in that district will go to class on Election Day.

In the West Genesee school district, the students will have a half day, even though none of the West Genny schools are used as polling places.

There is legislation pending in both houses in Albany that would require public schools within New York State not be open for regular classes on any general Election Day.