FAYETTEVILLE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — This weekend is usually a busy one for Four Seasons Ski Resort in Fayetteville. But, so far mother nature has put a damper on business this winter.

From hitting the slopes to snow tubing. Four Seasons Golf & Ski Center has it all.

“People don’t just come from Fayetteville and Manlius or Syracuse. We get them from Albany and people coming up from the south,” said John Goodfellow, owner of Four Seasons Golf & Ski Center.

The resort gets people as far as even Texas, like Melanie Mccauley. Coming all the way from Austin, Texas, Mccauley spent Saturday afternoon at Four Seasons Ski Resort with her family. It was also her first time going to the resort.

“We were just trying to get out and enjoy snow. We don’t get snow in Texas” said Mccauley.

But as we know, Central New York is no stranger to snow. However, its been a different story so far this winter. The weather having an impact on outdoor activities and businesses who depend on snow.

“Its a little slower this year. Definitely,” said Goodfellow.

It all boils down to the weather, with temperatures being warmer than usual.

“We’re in a situation where people come out and ski, because they want to ski and they see snow, and we just haven’t had it,” said Goodfellow.

Instead, the resort is making its own snow. With the chillier temperatures Central New York saw earlier this week, the resort was able to do just that.

“It was Tuesday we made a lot of snow. It really was a good night of snow making. It was calm, it was clear and we really cranked out a lot. It made the whole difference in the world for us going into this weekend,” said Goodfellow.

Even though the weekend got off to a slow start, Goodfellow is optimistic.

“I think tomorrow and Monday, the weather looks really good. The sun is going to come out, its going to be in the higher 20’s. We will do a lot better then,” said Goodfellow.

Goodfellow says Christmas break was very busy, and he’s hoping February break is just as busy.

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