SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Season one of the Syracuse Mets was a hit on a number of levels: Attendance in the stands and play on the field. 

With the season over, the off-season is in full swing with major renovations to the stadium, part of the deal when the Mets made a 25-year commitment to stay in Syracuse.

“When you talk about entertainment infrastructure, having a Triple A professional baseball team in a city our size, is something where we’re really punching outside of our weight class here, so we’ve gotta have the right amenities here for the team, for the players, and for the fans,” said Onondaga County Executive Ryan McMahon.

Phase one is underway and includes painting the Mets familiar blue and orange throughout the stadium. About 75-percent will be done by the time winter sets in.  

The current lights will come out during that time so new Ephesus lighting can be installed before the season starts. The seats will also come out and crews are already busy removing them. There will be about a thousand less, adding more common areas to stand and hang out, and also premium seating areas with tables.

McMahon said, “Minor league baseball is more about the fan experience than the folks counting balls and strikes and who got who out.”

The plan is to rip out every single one of the 11,000 plus seats at NBT Bank Stadium before the end of the year, probably before the winter sets in.  And then the seating company will come in, likely in March, and install the new seats so they’re ready for opening day.”

“It’s really about getting people in the building, getting them spending money, getting them to do things. That’s good for the Mets, that’s good for the County, that’s good for sales tax, and this is a County park, so we want to have this park be something representative of our whole park system,” McMahon said.

Throughout the next season, work will be happening to create a concourse for fans to hang out on behind the entire outfield.

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