LIVERPOOL, N.Y. (WSYR-TV)– It was just this Sunday when Megan Sienkiewicz was scrolling through a Facebook group for rehoming animals when she saw this gut-wrenching picture. 

This is the picture Megan Sienkiewicz saw on Facebook that prompted her to jump into action.

“A woman was literally begging for a new home for a dog and I saw a picture of a very emaciated, wet dog,” Sienkiewicz said. 

Sienkiewicz is a medical coordinator for Friends Forever Animal Rescue and couldn’t say no. Off to Auburn she went. 

“I was looking for the house and I saw a woman in a camp chair holding a dog and it didn’t even look like a dog,” Sienkiewicz said. 

The woman had taken the dog from its owner to get help, telling Sienkiewicz the dog was being starved and neglected. 

Sienkiewicz said the dog was crying and could barely walk. She quickly went into emergency mode and took the dog to get evaluated. Once she was checked out she got a name, Clara. 

That same day Clara got a temporary home with a trusted foster family. 

“As much as she prepared me and I saw a picture, actually seeing Clara in-person was very shocking,” animal foster parent Kelly Reilley said. 

Clara was in bad shape when Reilley got her. She was flat-footed and had sores all over her body from being in a crate for too long. She looked like a skeleton of a dog. 

“We had to carry her everywhere. She could only walk a few steps and then she would fall over. She still falls over when she squats to urinate,”

Kelly Reilley, Clara’s foster parent

Just three days later Clara is already walking around on her own, eating and drinking.

“Last night she rolled over a little bit as best as she could and she wanted her belly rubbed. That was very, very huge,” Reilley said. 

Clara has a long road to recovery ahead of her but she’s now doing it with a wag of her tail, a sparkle in her eye, and a strong will to live and be loved. 

If you’re interested in donating to help Clara you can visit the Friends Forever Animal Rescue website or Facebook page. You can also visit the Justice for Clara Facebook page here

Sienkiewicz did file a report against the owners with the Fingers Lakes SPCA of CNY.