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Your Stories: A stretch of road in the Town of Clay has neighbors concerned for their safety. After frequent accidents that cut power to the area, they’re calling it dangerous. 

Many of the Country Meadow neighbors say something needs to be done, and they’re making a plea for change.

It looks like a typical stretch through developed neighborhoods, but look closer, through the eyes of those who live here. “The concern is, first and foremost, someone is going to die on Caughdenoy Road,” said Mike Melfi, a homeowner in Country Meadow.  

It’s the busy stretch of the road connecting drivers from Maple Road to Route 31. “It seems like every year the power goes out in our homes, we’ve come to find out someone hit a pole on Caughdenoy Road,” said Melfi.

The most recent accident was Friday, Dec. 28. “Winter night, the powers out for eight hours, you can only imagine the heat in the house,” said Melfi. “It’s cold, we have a lot of families in this neighborhood.” 

There’s 283 families to be exact. Most of them have turned to Facebook to beg for change. Some of those concerns were heard, when electric speed signs popped up before a harsh curve.

“We’re all happy that, that has occurred, but we want more, guardrails, more lighting,” said Melfi. “There’s two curbs that are very, very tricky, and unless you know the area you may go off the road.”

The Onondaga County Sheriff’s Office telling NewsChannel 9, between January 1, 2016 and January 11, 2019 there have been five accidents along this part of the road.

That’s why these neighbors plan to keep pushing for more safeguards along this stretch of Caughdenoy Road, and continue making this plea to officials. “Please take a look at that road and put some more safety measures in,” said Melfi. “A simple guardrail could save someone’s life.” 

We have been in contact with multiple municipalities, the County Executive’s Office, the Town of Clay, and National Grid. We are expecting an update as soon as Friday, Jan. 25 on a possible solution. 

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