VOLNEY, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — For months, neighbors around the former Miller Brewing/Attis Biofuels plant have been dealing with the smell from the burning inside the plant’s silo.

“Can’t open the windows up,” Denise Munger said, “It’s been really bad.”

The smoldering fire has been a nuisance for neighbors for months. Joseph Arduini can even smell it where he lives which is ten miles away from the plant.

“It’s been really nasty all summer long,” he said, “So It looks like finally, something is moving forward on this where something is going to get taken care of.”

Oswego County Legislature Chairman Jim Weatherup issued an emergency order to take care of it. He said that the county has a contractor in place to come to the silo and safely dispose of the ashes and burn material.

He says getting rid of the smell is only the first step in revitalizing the plant and the economy as a whole.

“It’s a first step,” he said, “But it’s really exciting in that it’s a first step in a journey to getting this plant back in production and to hire full-time people again and the surrounding community you know with farmers and agriculture.”

Munger and Arduini are relieved something is finally being done.

“I’m hoping that this will be a good thing and that people will be able to open their windows,” Munger said, “And create more jobs, hate to see this place empty.”

“We’ll be able to sit outside and enjoy the summers,” Arduini said, “They are beautiful summers and the fall is beautiful but like I said the smell was just nasty.”