Driving around the city of Ithaca, you may notice bright green bikes on every corner– those are the Lime Bikes.

LimeBike is a new bike sharing option in Ithaca that allows you to rent a bike and then once you’re done, you can just leave it.

You can see available bikes on the LimeBike app.

“Everyone needs local transportation, especially Ithaca, a place that is so very green and energy-conscious, I just feel like it needs something like this,” said Goldye Horan.

The bikes have only been around for three weeks, but already people are taking full advantage.

“I live up the road so it takes me four minutes to walk here and we can bike virtually anywhere, especially now that it’s warm, so I think it’s definitely going to benefit a lot of people,” said Josh McCrun.

You can download the LimeBike app from the App Store or Google Play. On the app you can find bikes and rent them by scanning a code on the back of the bike.

Your first ride on is free, each 30 minute ride after that costs you $1.