New CNY animal rescue group to focus on costly medical cases

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Dogs and cats overlooked by adopters along with those suffering from injuries after being under-fed or hit by cars — often have few options to get medical care or find a forever home.

Misfit Animal Rescue and Sanctuary is a new foster group based in Central New York that is taking on the most extreme cases with the biggest medical bills.

The group, a 501c3 organization, is working with CNY shelters and rescues, but it will also take on cases across the country.

Launching in November after a warm response on social media — founder Maureen Davison says the group is currently helping two CNY-area dogs that were hit by cars. Both will need surgeries and extensive care afterward.

“We didn’t think we’d grow so fast,” Davison said. “We were hoping to do a little bit of networking first. Just more posting awareness and all of a sudden someone stood up and said, ‘I’ll foster,’ and three other people wanted to foster, so it just kind of started really quick.”

Another dog came up from Texas after it was just days away from being euthanized.

“She was so petrified that she literally hid in a box and they could not bring her out to potential adopters,” said Jessica Dewey, a member of the Misfits foster team. “They just figured that she was kind of a lost cause and had her on their euthanasia list.”

Once Davison was able to get the dog, named “Maria,” transported up here — the group quickly learned she was also pregnant.

After giving birth to just one of her puppies, Maria then needed an emergency c-section to deliver the remaining puppies. While still at the Veterinary Medical Center of CNY — it was discovered that Maria had also been shot by some type of pellet gun and she had a dislocated hip.

Now, Maria is recovering and her four puppies have a clean bill of health, according to Davison.

“She’s a great mommy to the puppies. She lets us pet her and comes and takes treats out of our hand. This is a dog they were going to put down,” Dewey said. “She just needed a little patience and trust and love and now she’s doing great.”

The costly veterinary care was all taken care of by Misfits.

The group has also helped a malnourished dog take a turn for the better with a new owner. A cat with an injured eye was able to get surgery and is also enjoying life in a new home, according to Davison.

Donations have been collected through PayPal and also individual GoFundMe campaigns for dogs and cats in need.

From the start, Davison says she was only planning for Misfits to be a foster-based rescue, but now she says it’s clear an actual facility is something they need.

“It just takes time and they need surgery, so having a facility at some point is definitely a dream,” Davison shared.

The root of the group’s mission is to give cats and dogs facing the worst circumstances some hope because they may end up surprising you as pets one day.

“In some regards, I think we all have a little misfit in us over time and it is always good when somebody gives you a chance and takes a risk on you,” Davison said.

Dewey will likely adopt Maria, but her four puppies will be up for adoption in another month. Anyone interested in making a donation, fostering or adopting Misfits animals, should contact the rescue group by clicking here.

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