NEW YORK (WSYR-TV) — In anticipation of the Big Game, new data has revealed what Rihanna song each state loves the most and will hope to hear at the Big Game.

Rihanna will make history this year with her halftime performance as it’s been five years since she last performed live.

Not only will there be excitement for the battle between the Eagles and the Cheifs but for the halftime show, which actually gathered more viewership than the football game in 2020. Rihanna’s halftime trailer already has over 7 million views, so there may be a chance that statistic will happen again this year.

In honor of her first Big Game halftime show, GetCenturyLink was curious to discover the most popular Rihanna song in each state.

In order the find the data, GetCenturyLink gathered a total of 43 of Rihanna’s most popular songs from the Billboard Hot 100, Rihanna’s Billboard Chart History, and Spotify.

Then they used a marketing analytics tool, SemRush, to gather volume searches for each song and picked the most searched songs per state using Google Trends.

New York’s Favorite Rihanna Song

After crunching the numbers and plotting the data, New York’s top Rihanna song is “We Found Love” featuring Calvin Harris.

Rihanna Super Bowl Ad
(Photo: Business Wire)

Top Rihanna songs that people are expecting to hear at the Big Game

  • “Umbrella”
  •  “Only Girl (In the World)”
  •  “Love on the Brain”
  •  “Work”
  •  “Stay”
  •  “Needed Me”
  •  “We Found Love”
  •  “Diamonds”
  •  “Disturbia”
  •  “Rude Boy”
  •  “SOS”
  •  “Take a Bow”