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Anyone who wants to be in a feature film here’s your chance.  A new football comedy is shooting at the Film Hub in DeWitt and they need extras.

The story written by Richard Castellane is a family friendly comedy about a fledgling football team with a star quarterback that decides to buy a school of sumo wrestlers to block for the QB.

Castellane tells NewsChannel 9, “Seeing it come to life makes me feel very, very good.  It’s a part of my expressiveness.”

One of the stars of the film is Eddie Mekka who plays the head coach in the movie but is best known for his role as Carmine ‘The Big Ragoo’ Ragusa on Laverne and Shirley. 

A team of 125 cast and crew from all over the world have been turning a sound stage in the DeWitt Film Hub into a huge stadium scene, with the help of some special effects.

Bob Altman, Line Producer of the film “Sushi Tushi”, says, “This film from start to finish is going to be produced in CNY.  We’re going to shoot here, we’re going to edit here.”

Altman has been on productions in 30 different countries during his career and says the DeWitt Film Hub is a world class facility.

“As the person responsible for the budget and logistics I will absolutely tell my compatriots that this is a world class facility, this is a place to come and work, the costs are much more in line with what an independent feature can manage.” Altman says.

The entire production will be about 12 weeks with 5 weeks of shooting.

By the time its all done the film will have racked up 2,000 hotel nights, 5,000 local meals and hired 25 local actors.

Altman says, “There’s an infrastructure, there’s a tax credit available from the State to spur employment and we’re delighted to be in Syracuse.”

About 100 extras a day, non-paid, are needed for the Stadium scenes of the movie “Sushi Tushi” through Tuesday June 6th.

First shift for extras starts at 9:00 am and are welcome to stay for as long as they can.

Second shift for extras begins at 3:00 pm and are welcome to stay however long they would like.

All interested parties should report to the Film Hub: 24 Aspen Park Blvd. East Syracuse, NY 13057

Extras for Sushi Tushi please contact:

Stephanie Burghardt

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