If you log on to Syracuse.com to get your news, you might have to start paying to get the content. 

Advance Local media group, the paper’s parent company, has launched its first consumer revenue test and its in the Syracuse market.

This move is like a soft paywall.  If you’re a frequent user of Syracuse.com and you don’t currently subscribe to the Post Standard (the print newspaper), after a certain number of clicks on the website, you will have to become a paid digital subscriber.

The company defines a frequent user as someone who visits at least once a day, but say there are certain algorithms that decide who is actually targeted as a frequent user.  

When that user clicks on a story, a screen will pop up prompting you to become a subscriber.

You have up to eight times to dismiss the screen, after that you will have to pay the digital subscription fee of $19.99 a month.

This will give you unlimited access to Syracuse.com, premium newsletters and the e-Post Standard. Under this subscription, you are also eligible to get Sunday’s paper for free, but that is only if you live in the distribution area.

If you’re already a Post-Standard subscriber, you still have free unlimited access to Syracuse.com, but you must register your subscription online if you want to keep full access. To do that, click here

The company says Syracuse is the first market to launch this under its parent company, Advance Local, because its had the best market penetration in the country.