SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Matthew Greene is behind bars for his role in the January 6, 2021 attack. Monday, a judge said he was a danger to society and kept him jailed. The government laid out its case pretty clearly in these pictures, from the FBI raid on Greene’s Eastwood home and what they say are photos of him at the Capitol insurrection.

One photo shows the 33-year-old at the Capitol. Greene is in the crowd with a blue hoodie, goggles and a camouflage backpack. In Monday’s court hearing the U.S. Attorney said the camouflage backpack was found at his home during the search in mid-January.

A different photo shows him standing next to his co-defendant, Dominic Pezzola. Both are named in an indictment, which said Pezzola took a riot shield from a capitol police officer, and smashed open a capitol building window to get in. That’s the same shield pictured.

A number of guns were found at a raid of Greene’s home including two hand guns and an AR-15, which Greene did not have a permit for. A significant amount of ammunition was also found in his home. Along with the ammunition, law enforcement officers also found a gas mask, respirator and replacement kit at Greene’s home, all of which the U.S. Attorney says they were all purchased after the Capitol riots.