New solar carport to power Syracuse’s Near Westside offices

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King + King Architects of Syracuse is about ready to flip the switch on its new solar carport.

Construction is nearly complete on the structure which sits right across the street from the firm’s Near Westside offices.

The company moved into the old tractor factory nearly 10 years ago with the goal of being part of transforming the struggling neighborhood.

King + King partner Pete King tells NewsChannel 9, “So we took a responsible risk and bought this building in 2008 as a way to hopefully become a catalyst to help support the Near Westside.”

The goal was always to not only restore the building but make it as energy efficient as possible.

King and King CEO/Managing Partner Kirk Narburgh says, “It’s really important for us, especially architects, to be able to showcase what can be done both in the community for our clients and for our staff.”

The solar carport will be big enough to cover approximately 75 cars and at the same time able to generate 300-kilowatts of energy every year from the solar modules on top of it.

Narburgh says it should provide nearly all the electrical power needed at the office.

“Basically all that it’s doing is feeding that power to our building through a transfer switch, we use it.  And the real interesting part of it is if we’re generating more power than we can use it will backfeed into the community grid system so other people can use the power.”  He says.

The panels on top of the carport don’t need direct sunlight in order to produce power all they need is daylight.  They’re dark in color so they heat up enough to melt any of the snow that would fall on there during  the winter

King says, “It’s cool to be able to envision it during the design and on the drawings but actually seeing it being built is really exciting.  I’m waiting for the day when I can turn the switch on.”

After some finish work and system testing the firm expects the solar canopy to be fully operational by Jan.1, 2018. 

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