NEW YORK (WSYR-TV) — On Valentine’s Day, we might think of how we can express our love to our family members, partner and even our furry friends: our pets.

Valentine’s Day often comes with expressions of love, chocolate and flowers, but what kind of people wouldn’t want any of that?

Preply explored this idea and surveyed 2,300 people to find and learn about how many states express and receive affection to determine which state has the most affectionate people.

The data collected explores how people express their affection and which people, or even animals, are the most likely to receive it.

New Yorkers are most affectionate to their pets

The data revealed that New Yorkers are more affectionate towards their pets than their own partners with 69 percent feeling more comfortable with animals than people.

New York also ranked least affectionate overall with 60 percent of people agreeing that they don’t like to show affection, and ranked 9th least affectionate state.

Even though most people in the U.S. are generally affectionate, with 2 in 3 (66%) on average sharing fond words daily, New Yorkers rank among the lowest-scoring states that don’t share expressions of love daily.

Other key findings from the study include the following:

  • 61% of people express their love over the phone and through text messages more than in-person.
  • More than 2 in 5 people sometimes say “I love you” without actually meaning it.
  • People are more affectionate to their pets than everyone except their partners.
  • 55% of people find it hard sometimes to express affection through words.

Who will you spend your Valentine’s Day with?

Have a happy Valentine’s Day!