SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Two weeks from Tuesday, Republican and Democratic voters in the City of Syracuse will choose who their parties’ candidates will be to take on Mayor Ben Walsh in November’s general election.

Early voting starts Saturday at two sites in the City of Syracuse.

This week, before early voting, NewsChannel 9 is going “On The Trail” with the four candidates in two different races.

Janet Burman (Monday)
Thomas Babilon (Tuesday)

Michael Greene
Khalid Bey

Mayor Ben Walsh is running for re-election as an independent candidate and is not running in a primary.

On The Trail: Janet Burman

Monday, the first candidate “On The Trail” was Republican Janet Burman, who will face Thomas Babilon in the primary.

Burman lives in a historic home on James Street. She says it was previously home to an unsuccessful candidate for mayor about 100 years ago, but she hopes her race ends differently.

In the general election four years ago, the Republican who lost to independent Mayor Ben Walsh got only 2.5 percent of the vote. To get even that far, Burman needs to win her primary first and convince voters she can do better.

Burman hopes to attract voters from all parties or no party with her policy focus on public safety.

When asked what needs to change, Burman said, “We need to adequately fund police operations. We need to increase the staffing level significantly.”

Burman promises she won’t raise taxes to pay for it, but will instead look for areas to cut in a deep review of the city budget.

“We don’t need things like a software program that allows citizens to get on and see where’s the snow plow right now,” Burman argues. “Wow. Gee. That’s like a Mario Brothers version of city government. We don’t need to see that. The time spent developing that system, maintaining that system, that’s a perfect example of wasted money. You’ve got to go through line-by-line and eliminate this waste.”

Burman hopes to add an additional fire station on the city’s East Side, to make sure people who live in eastern neighborhoods aren’t cut off from quick service when the I-81 demolition begins in 2022.

Burman homes every person who lives in the City of Syracuse can have a the same feeling of safety she and her husband have on James Street.

NewsChannel 9 will go “On The Trail” with Burman’s Republican opponent, Thomas Babilon, on Wednesday. The Democratic candidates, Michael Greene and Khalid Bey, will be featured Thursday and Friday, respectively.

Mayor Ben Walsh is running for re-election as an independent candidate and is not running in a primary.