ALBANY, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Is there an update on the status of the New York State Fair? Governor Andrew Cuomo said on Monday that he faces the question every day. 

There are roughly four months until the fair would typically take place.

“COVID changes, we saw a dramatic change over the past four months,” he said. “Four months, I don’t have a crystal ball. All we can do is study the science and the data and the metrics and as the numbers come down, then we relax more and more regulations.”

Monday, the governor announced dates for capacity changes at zoos, museums, movie theaters, and indoor arenas.

“Nobody wants to open the state fair more than me,” he said. “I understand events have to be planned, that’s why we’re talking now, today about the possible playoff games for sports teams.”

He said if people continue to vaccinate and act smart he thinks we are in a good place.

“Yes four months sounds like it’s relatively close, and if nothing changes, we’re on a good glide path, but I want to make sure that nothing changes and I want to make the decision when it is timely because once you say we’re doing this, I don’t want to have to go back the other way if there is a spike or surge,” he said.

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