(WSYR-TV) – Kim Nolan of Oswegatchie, New York has found a special way to give tribute to her father and those who have served our nation in the Armed Forces.

For the last two years on the Fourth of July, she has been lining the sides of Route 3 in Star Lake with military boots and small American flags.

Nolan’s sister started doing a similar thing at her home in Oregon three years ago. Kim decided she wanted to join in. She had some help from volunteers the past two years.

The boots and flags that Kim puts out stretch right around 25 miles from the Village of Fine to Cranberry Lake.

“The best thing is seeing young young kids having their parents stop and they’ll go out and try and read the signs of each veteran’s name and what branch of the military they were in,” Nolan said.

The sisters hope one day this tradition can connect Kim’s hometown of Oswegatchie and where her sister is in Oregon.

To learn more about how you can help out, click here.

The boots will remain on Route 3 until July 11.