SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — The North Syracuse Central School District have settled a more than $1.5 million lawsuit brought against them from a family of an autistic child.

The lawsuit which was settled on Friday, June 2, was filed in May 2018 and claimed the district failed to provide their autistic son proper education and denied him autism-related services.

According to Cooper Erving & Savage LLC, following the first week of trial, the case was compromised and settled with the School District agreeing to pay to the student the sum of $1,550,000.

Lead counsel for the plaintiff, Mr. de Oliveira said he was very pleased to have resolved this matter in favor of the “wonderful young man” and very happy that the settlement “will be available to provide the appropriate care and education for the child.”

“This family sacrificed so much to make sure that their son received the services that he needed in order to succeed. They epitomize the meaning of ‘unconditional love.’ We are honored to have contributed to secure a better future for this wonderful young man,” Mr. de Oliveira commented.

In the lawsuit, the parents also claimed the teachers improperly strapped their son into a chair while in school instead of having the right staffing to monitor and educate their child.

After five years of litigation in Federal District Court, the family of the autistic student have succeded in this lawsuit, and stated they will use the proceeds of the settlement to provide for the care and education of the child over his lifetime.

According to their attorneys, the student and his family have moved out of the district and are now receiving excellent cooperation from the boy’s school in another state.