NORTH SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — The Northstars are looking to revamp their school districts name into something that’s already the talk of the town.

The district is already predominantly referred to as “CNS” so why not let it stick? That’s their plan.

The North Syracuse Central School District would like to adjust their name to the Cicero-North Syracuse Central School District, per the communities thoughts.

The school district has released a survey to ask the community for their input. You have until February 13, 2023 to fill it out.

“The District wants to have a consistent and recognizable name so that students and staff are unified and have pride in our schools. We are asking students, staff, families and community members to share their opinion about the potential name change…” said the North Syracuse Central School District’s website.

CNS is the name of the districts high school, their sports teams and their co-curricular activities, so the district is looking to keep a cohesive name throughout all units.