NORTH SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Fever, body aches, a runny nose; it’s not hard to find someone with the tell-tale signs of the flu around Central New York.

Since the start of December, the Onondaga County Health Department has reported 522 cases of the flu, and two days back from winter break a full classroom has been hard to find.

“There are definitely more people getting it this year I’ve noticed, and it’s kind of rippled through my grade,” said Jessica Cook, a junior at Cicero-North Syracuse High School.

With some students returning sick or catching the flu from a family member, the North Syracuse School District is ramping up its flu-fighting capabilities with a futuristic system from Clorox.

It uses an electrically charged disinfectant to kill viruses and germs within 1-2 minutes and, according to Jeff Crooke, an account manager at Hill & Markes, can be used on any surface.

The system uses the same cleaner as Clorox wipes.

“We target certain spots like phones, desks, pencil sharpeners things like that, but we don’t know where people may have touched a wall or something like that where the flu virus can hang out,” said Phil Smith, the custodial supervisor.

Keyboards and computers are also fair game.

Smith added when the district sees a drop in attendance this new line of defense will hopefully keep more kids healthy and save staff time.

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