SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Two firefighters were sent to area hospitals in stable condition after fighting a blaze on Syracuse’s northside, Syracuse Fire Department says. The department also shares that a firefighter had to “bail out” of the burning home through a window due to excessive heat.

Syracuse Fire Department says they arrived at 1106 Park St. around 4:26 p.m. on Wednesday afternoon and found a smoking 2.5-story house.

After getting hoses into position, crews entered the house and found it almost impossible to see. Syracuse Fire Department also says firefighters encountered scorching temperatures as they searched the house and advanced to the source of the fire in the bedroom.

While firefighters were moving through the home, the department says that the fire quickly expanded and flames started billowing out of the burning bedroom’s windows. The sudden increase of heat interfered with their attack and one firefighter had to “bail out” of a window.

The fire chief also called a brief “mayday” on behalf of another firefighter who was briefly unaccounted for. The call was canceled when the firefighter was seen escaping the house at a different exit.

The fire department says that “mayday” is a term “for when a firefighter is in a life-threatening situation: down, lost, trapped, out of breathing air, to name a few.” They also say that a “bail out” is a technique to escape a room or building when required. Syracuse Fire Department says that both are unusual occurrences.

Syracuse Fire Department says that crews continued to battle the fire and succeeded in extinguishing it. They add that the fire was contained to the house’s first floor.

Syracuse Fire Department reports that two firefighters were sent to the hospital after the fire. One went to Upstate for minor head burns and another went to St. Joseph’s for heat exhaustion. Both were in stable condition. The department adds that the firefighter with head burns was discharged, but the other remains for observation.

Syracuse Fire Department is investigating the fire’s source. They also say there were no smoke detectors in the house.

An adult and two children were displaced and are being assisted by the American Red Cross.