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SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — For the first time in a long time, 301 Gifford Street is providing neighbors the groceries they need.

“To be able to get produce and that’s stuff that you can’t get at the corner store and fresh milk and eggs,” said Shawn Pope who has lived in the neighborhood for 15 years.

The area is no longer a food desert. Brady market now fills the void the former Nojaims Brothers Market left.

“A lot of people in this community had to really travel far or just get on a bus to go get something basic like an apple,” said Brady Market Peer Leader Zinaya Adjei.

There is a wide assortment of fruit, vegetables and other grocery staples in Brady Market. Mike Faber is the meat manager and trains younger workers. “That’s my goal is to give back what has been given to me,” said Faber.

Just beyond the walls of the grocery store is the Healing Services Space. It is where a number of resources are offered including fitness classes, child care services and therapy.

“This is the most important part of the building,” said Team Leader Danielle Allen, “This is where we come, we cry.”

Allen said this space has already helped her tremendously. “I just stood in that circle crying, ‘how am I going to keep going knowing I have these kids and I’m by myself?’ They made it happen in this one little circle,” Allen recalled.

What she described is the market’s mission in action.

“When we increase access and assets, we naturally increase hope. And when we increase hope, we transform our pain rather than transmit it.”

Kevin Frank, Brady Faith Center Executive Director

They’re ensuring both shopping carts and hearts remain full.

The market also provides catering services. Money spent at the market goes back to fund programming there.

Learn more about Brady Market here:

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