NEW YORK STATE (WSYR-TV) — The New York State Liquor Authority announced on Twitter that after Thursday, June 24, privileges for alcohol-to-go and alcohol deliveries will be revoked, as they were due to special circumstances in the pandemic.

This follows the announcement that all state-mandated guidelines for businesses will be lifted as New York State has reached herd immunity with over 70 percent of its population having at least one vaccine shot. The state will now go back to pre-pandemic policies regarding alcohol.

To-go and delivery alcohol services were at least one of the pandemic consequences that New Yorkers viewed favorably.

A recent poll by the New York Restaurant Association showed that 78% of New Yorkers favor permanently allowing alcoholic beverages to be purchased with takeout or delivery orders from restaurants.

Some key findings from that survey:

  • The regional breakdown of those who support alcohol-to-go remains strong throughout the state. 
    • In New York City, 81% of respondents are in favor
    • On Long Island, 79% of respondents are in favor
    • In Upstate New York, 72% of respondents are in favor
    • In the New York City suburbs (Nassau, Rockland, Suffolk and Westchester Counties), 83% of respondents are in favor
  • Overall, 96% of New Yorkers who have purchased alcohol-to-go with takeout or a food delivery say they are in strong support of the executive order becoming permanent. Of those respondents, they’ve ordered alcohol-to-go an average of nearly 13 times in the last year, and 71% have ordered an alcoholic beverage to go in the last month.
  • New Yorkers also recognize the role restaurants play in communities — 91% believe restaurants are an important part of our community’s character and local economy, and helping our restaurant industry should be a high priority for state leaders.