NYSDOT explains what can and can’t be done for Onondaga Lake Parkway

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LIVERPOOL, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — New York State is looking to slow down the speed limit and scale back the number of lanes along Onondaga Lake Parkway.

The New York State Department of Transportation wants to make a portion of the parkway one lane in each direction. It also wants to have a raised median or place a barrier in the middle of the road. The speed limit would be lowered and the DOT wants to replace the system that alerts trucks that are too high for the CSX railroad bridge. The state laid out the proposal at a public meeting Thursday night in the Town of Salina.

NewsChannel 9 viewers have asked about other options for the parkway. Monday night in Liverpool, neighbors expressed frustration with the current plan. Representatives from NYSDOT have provided answers for some of the frequently asked questions from viewers.

Raise the bridge:

The bridge has big a big concern. Since 2016, seven commercial vehicles have hit the bridge, according to DOT data. The state doesn’t own the bridge, so it can’t make the company who owns it (CSX) do anything with it.

According to the DOT, talks between CSX have started about the future of the bridge.

“We are very limited as to what we can do with the bridge because it is owned by CSX and up until very recently, CSX has said the bridge is in good condition and they had no plans to replace the bridge,” said Ed Rodriguez, NYSDOT. “But we have opened up discussions with CSX and they have changed their position a little bit. What they have shared is they would be open to replacing the bridge but only if the state paid for it and with minimize disruption to the rail line.”

Lower the road:

State representatives say the bridge can’t be lowered because the road can’t be lower than the water level.

Put in a turnaround:

According to the state, there can’t be a turnaround because the state doesn’t own the land on the side of the road.
It’s ownership ends where the pavement stops.

Hanging Alert System:

You’ve probably seen these on the internet. They hang low so if a truck hits them, the driver knows to turn around. The state says this is a liability concern and there are other logistical issues with a hanging alert system.

Learn more about the project, here.

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