SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — After yet another truck hit the Onondaga Lake Parkway bridge on Monday, October 31, NewsChannel 9 reached out to the New York State Department of Transportation for answers on how it can be prevented from happening again.

According to the DOT, they take this incident very seriously, but ultimately, safety should be on the top mind of the truck driver.

The New York State Department of Transportation takes the issue of bridge strikes very seriously and we have implemented several measures to enhance safety at the Onondaga Lake Parkway bridge, including the installation of dozens of warning signs, pavement markings and an electronic over-height detection system. However, safety is everyone’s responsibility and operators of trucks and over-height vehicles must remain alert and obey the multiple signs and pavement markings warning of the low bridge ahead.

New York State Department of Transportation

NewsChannel 9 also reached out to CSX about the crash which caused the truck to tip over and below was their response:

The CSX railroad bridge at Onondaga Lake Parkway in the Town of Salina was inspected following Monday’s vehicle strike. No damage was discovered and the bridge is safe for train operations. We strongly encourage commercial vehicle operators to remain alert, adhere to all posted bridge clearance signs and make sure that their truck can safely clear the bridge before proceeding.


The message seems similar from both companies, drivers should remain alert and pay attention to the signage on the road.