Onondaga Community College has picked its student speaker for Commencement, a 46-year old earning two degrees from the school.

Henry Humiston will receive degrees in Nuclear Technology and Electrical Engineering Technology on Saturday May 13.

The father of three first tried his hand at OCC in 1990 but admits he wasn’t serious about it and quickly withdrew from school.

“It’s a second chance that a lot of people don’t get and I’m fortunate that I was one of the ones that did get that chance.”  Humiston tells NewsChannel 9.

Humiston had spent several years as a professional drywall finisher but suffered a back injury about five years ago, landing him back home living with his parents to recover.

He says, “My mother said you should look into going up to OCC and I’m like no I’ve gotta go back to work.”

Humiston tried but after a week realized he couldn’t physically do the job any longer and did turn to OCC.

One of his professors in the Nuclear Technology Program, Art Peterson, says, “One thing that you can clearly see that he picked up from drywall finishing is the attention to detail.”

Humiston has already been hired by Exelon to work at Nine Mile Point in Scriba starting in June, just a couple weeks after delivering his Commencement speech.

“If we would have had a discussion 10 years ago and you would have told me hey you’re going to be giving the Commencement address up at OCC we would have laughed pretty hard I imagine.”  Humiston says.

OCC still has several spots open in the Nuclear Technology Program this fall.

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