ONONDAGA COMMUNITY COLLEGE (WSYR-TV) — After two years of hard work inside of the Nursing Department at OCC, 28 graduates will be receiving their pin. It’s a symbol of dedication and the beginning of their nursing careers.

The ceremony was held on May 20, in the Storer Auditorium.

“You are going into a field, as you know, more than ever, needs you, and we know that the training you got here at OCC will help you to serve our community in ways our community needs to be served,” said OCC’s President, Warren Hilton.

“Emotional” is how Alison Goode describes the moment she was pinned by her mother, Barbara.

“My mom was a nurse. I always looked up to her as a role model. I have a lot of others aunts and cousins who are also in the nursing profession and I just love helping people and caring for people and it just made me want to do this later on in my life,” explained Goode.

Pinning her daughter is also something Barbara will “never forget,” as she jumps into her nursing career.

“I was so proud of her. She overcame a lot of obstacles to get through nursing school, so I was just so proud that she walked the stage today and I was able to pin her,” said Barbara Goode.

OCC nursing student, Naser Darwish, also getting pinned by someone special, his wife, Alyssa, an Endoscopy Nurse at Crouse Hospital.

“Having my biggest supporter whose also been pinned, went through the process and knows what it goes through, is definitely worth keeping the tradition going,” said Darwish.

But some graduates like Yasmeen Abraham are forging their own path. She’ll be the first nurse ever in her family.

“Never give up. That’s all I can really say. It’s going to be hard. It’s a very hard road, but as long as you have a great support system, never ever give up. Just keep going,” said Abraham.

A reminder for the Class of 2023 to never forget why they chose to be a nurse.