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It’s an exciting day for the OCM BOCES New Vision Criminal Justice class at the end of a week long cell phone experiment.

About 16 area high school seniors voluntarily surrendered their cell phones on Monday.

The goal is to teach them how to talk with other people rather than always be tied up in their phones.

Personal communications skills are something several local police academy instructors have noticed lacking in new recruits.

The students ended up being separated from their phones for four days, but some say it felt like an eternity like Baldwinsville High School Senior Amber White who tells NewsChannel 9, “It wasn’t good.  There was just so much stuff going on.”

Friday morning the class was reunited with their phones triggering much relief.

Liverpool High School Senior Antonio Giachetti says, “It was different because people expect you to have your cell phones and its weird when you don’t.  It’s hard for people to comprehend that you might not have your cell phone on you at all.”

“I never realized how much I rely on it so it’s an eye opener but I survived so it’s good to know I don’t need it.”  Added Tully High School Senior Hunter Griffin.

The students were also asked to keep journals during the week.

One excerpt from Day 1 reads, ‘I felt super anxious today’ and another student by Day 3 says, ‘I’ve finally gotten into a routine that I don’t have my phone with me’.  On Day 4, another student said, ‘Today I don’t even care about not having my phone because its almost normal now and I find myself talking to my family and my friends too’.

Solvay High School Senior Tom Dunham says one day this week he noticed something while eating with friends.

“We were sitting down and we were eating and everyone else was on their phone while me and him were just having a conversations and it was just an eye opener.”  Dunham tells NewsChannel 9.

And Griffin chimes in, “Actually at work I did have some conversations with people I usually wouldn’t, I was more social walking around and stuff.”

The class had also heard earlier in the week from an alumna of the 2006 class about her positive experience with the same project.

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