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Oh deer! Neighbors are sick of deer and ticks roaming their yards: Your Stories

TOWN OF GEDDES, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) - A group of neighbors in the Town of Geddes are fed up with an influx of deer and ticks. 

They say it keeps getting worse and something needs to be done. 

Darlene Arney's backyard has become a haven for deer. Grazing through her Geddes neighborhood and leaving ticks behind.

She says these ticks often end up on her granddaughter, and even infected her neighbor with Lyme disease. 

"She gives her a bath and she's found ticks on her and then she won't let her outside for a while," said Arney.

One neighbor lost his dog to Lyme disease. Now he's worried it could happen to his other dog, but these neighbors are having a hard time getting help. 

"I've called the DEC twice and they never called me back," said Arney.

Onondaga County does have a deer and tick management program. County Executive Ryan McMahon explains neighbors need to reach out to their town supervisor to see if there's already a plan in place. If there's not, they can create one with their municipality.  

"We pay Cornell Cooperative to subcontract and go out and work with these neighborhood groups so that they can get approved by the DEC," said McMahon. "The DEC then gives a nuisance permit, which really allows the culling of the deer, and at that point when a plan goes through we reimburse the municipality." 

It's up to neighbors to take the first step and reach out to their local government. 

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