(WSYR-TV) — The Onondaga County Health Department released its inspection reports for restaurants checked during the week of June 5 to June 11.

One restaurant, Denny’s on 7873 Brewerton Road in Cicero, failed its inspection with four critical violations and six other violations.

Critical Violations

Critical Violation: Improper cooling and refrigerated storage of potentially hazardous foods. (#5A)
This violation was found twice.

Code Requirement: Potentially hazardous foods were not kept below 45°F during cold holding, except smoked fish, which is required to be at 38 °F

Inspector Findings: Around one quart of pancake batter was found sitting on a prep table on the cook line at 55°F. The manager says the batter is made by mixing pasteurized eggs, buttermilk, water, and dry pancake mix. Management reported that the mix was made a half hour prior to inspection and not stored properly under refrigeration.

A half-pound slice of ham was noted in a flip top cooler at 49-51°F and management shared that it was likely in the cooler since the night prior. Other items in the cooler were noted at 44-46°F and the cooler operation is possibly unreliable.

Critical Violation: Improper cooling and refrigerated storage storage of potentially hazardous foods. (#5C)

Code Requirement: Potentially hazardous foods are not stored under refrigeration except during necessary preparation or approved precooling procedures.

Inspector Findings: Thirteen individual servings of cut up potatoes which are normally frozen were recorded at 94°F on the cook line. The inspector said that there was no explanation as to why or how long they have been there.

Critical Violation: Improper hot holding of potentially hazardous foods. (#6B)

Code Requirement: Enough hot holding equipment was not present, properly designed, maintained, and operated to keep hot foods above 140°F

Inspector Findings: The hot hold on the cook line was noted to be operating at 130°F when at maximum heat level, when the minimum is 140°F. Several foods were out of temperature for an unknown time as well, including 4 cups of brown gravy at 123°F, 2 cups of queso at 110°F, and 2 cups of mashed potatoes at 122°F.

Other violations included:

  • Food contact surfaces not washed, rinsed, and sanitized after each use:
    • Food scale on prep table in rear kitchen noted not clean with food soil.
    • Used, unclean knife and scissors noted unclean on prep table in rear kitchen.
  • Non-food contact surfaces of equipment not clean:
    • Cookline flip-top cooler was leaking water from bottom shelf when opened.
    • Bottom shelf contains food soil and low shelving throughout was unclean.
    • Interior of microwave ovens were not clean and filled with food soil.
  • Floors, walls, ceilings: not smooth or properly constructed, in disrepair, or dirty:
    • Cook line floors not clean, primarily under equipment and along baseboard areas and corners.

Below is a list of inspected locations that are operating acceptably:

Baghdad Restaurant484 South Salina StreetSyracuse6/9/2022
Bloomin Cup13 Clinton StreetTully6/10/2022
Boulangerie526 Plum StreetSyracuse6/6/2022
Brooklyn Pickle (The)2222 Burnet AvenueSyracuse6/9/2022
Carmelita’s Mexican Restaurant6195 State Route 31, Suite 14Cicero6/8/2022
CCOC – Training Kitchen262 East Onondaga StreetSyracuse6/7/2022
China Café240 West Seneca StreetManlius6/8/2022
Columbian Presbyterian Church5992 Cherry Valley TurnpikeLafayette6/7/2022
Coopers To Go6972 Lakeshore RoadCicero6/10/2022
Cue Dogs Commissary2100 Park StreetSyracuse6/10/2022
Daily Bakery House, Inc.1449 Erie Boulevard EastSyracuse6/7/2022
Dairy Queen Grill & Chill7984 Brewerton RoadCicero6/8/2022
Delmonicos2950 Erie Boulevard EastSyracuse6/9/2022
Denny’s #8117201 Lawrence RoadClay6/6/2022
Denny’s #8119103 Elwood Davis RoadSalina6/7/2022
Dip (The)3021 James StreetSyracuse6/6/2022
Don Juan Cafe102 Grand AvenueSyracuse6/8/2022
Don Juan Cafe820 Wolf StreetSyracuse6/9/2022
Eurest Helio Elements4567 Crossroads Park DriveSalina6/7/2022
Gannon’s Isle4800 Mcdonald RoadSyracuse6/6/2022
Goal Tenders Food and Beverage2700 James StreetSyracuse6/7/2022
Happy Eating Grounds125 Meredith AvenueOnondaga6/8/2022
Heids of Liverpool Mobile Unit305 Oswego StreetSalina6/9/2022
Joey’s6594 Thompson RoadDewitt6/9/2022
Lafayette Memorial Post #19552456 Route 11Lafayette6/7/2022
Lakeshore Pizza6969 Lakeshore RoadCicero6/10/2022
Layla’s Authentic Spanish Restaurant376 Grant BoulevardSyracuse6/8/2022
Locker Room (The)528 Hiawatha BoulevardSyracuse6/9/2022
Mandana Inn1937 West Lake RoadSkaneateles6/9/2022
McAvan’s Pub1217 West Fayette StreetSyracuse6/8/2022
McNeillys Pub300 Robinson StreetSyracuse6/6/2022
Meier’s Creek Brewing Co.720 Van Renssalear StreetSyracuse6/8/2022
Moe’s Southwest Grill3409 Erie Boulevard EastDewitt6/10/2022
Mr. Pudder’s Mini Golf687 West Genesee Street RoadSkaneateles6/9/2022
New China Chen6197 State Route 31Cicero6/10/2022
North Area Meals on Wheels413 Church StreetCicero6/9/2022
North Syracuse Little League100 East Taft RoadClay6/6/2022
Optimist Ballfield Building ConcessiRoute 11Lafayette6/8/2022
Overtime Bar & Grill @ Three Rivers2725 West Entry RoadLysander6/10/2022
Pawsitivitea CNY2100 West Park StreetSyracuse6/10/2022
PEACE Inc Eastside FRC202 South Beech StreetSyracuse6/9/2022
Peacock Bar & Grill6257 State Route 31Cicero6/6/2022
Pizza Man50 Oswego StreetLysander6/10/2022
Rai’s Dough Bakeshop719 East Genesee StreetSyracuse6/7/2022
Red Chili2740 East Erie BoulevardSyracuse6/9/2022
Salt City Coffee511 East Genesee StreetManlius6/7/2022
San Remo Pizza Company, Inc.7575 Buckley Road, Suite 106Clay6/8/2022
Scotch N Sirloin3687 Erie Boulevard EastDewitt6/10/2022
Silver Fox Senior Social Club22 East Genesee StreetLysander6/7/2022
Strada Mia313 North Geddes StreetSyracuse6/10/2022
Sweet Treats305 Oswego StreetSalina6/9/2022
Syracuse Adelphi Club2004 Erie Boulevard WestSyracuse6/6/2022
Thompson Road Tavern6266 Thompson RoadDewitt6/10/2022
Today’s Special109 South Warren StreetSyracuse6/8/2022
Trappers Pizza Pub5950 Butternut DriveDewitt6/6/2022
Tully Hill Treatment and Recovery5821 Route 80Tully6/7/2022
Tuscarora Restaurant2901 Howlett Hill RoadCamillus6/6/2022
Twin Trees Restaurant1100 Avery AvenueSyracuse6/8/2022
Twin Trees Too1029 Milton AvenueSyracuse6/10/2022
Valentine’s Delicatessen18 West Genesee StreetSkaneateles6/9/2022
Ven Rosas Rollin Bistro Commissary1121 Milton AvenueSyracuse6/9/2022
Westcott Community Center826 Euclid AvenueSyracuse6/10/2022