ONONDAGA COUNTY, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — The Onondaga County Health Department released its inspection for restaurants checked during the week of Sept. 18 through 23.

One restaurant failed its inspection:

  • Sbarro at Carousel Center – 9612 Destiny Usa Drive, Fc-06, Syracuse

Read below to see how the establishment failed its inspection.

Sbarro at Carousel Center

Sbarro had 10 violations, two of which were in critical condition.

Critical Violation: Foods not protected from contamination by other sources:

The inspector found a large quantity of pesticide powder in the corner of the steam area in the kitchen. It was applied by a licensed pest control, but it was not contained to a small area.

Critical Violation: Improper cooling and refrigerated storage of potentially hazardous foods:

The inspector found a tomato cucumber salad out on the front line for service, at 67 degrees Fahrenheit. They were out for over one hour, and it was determined that the cooler had not been turned on in the morning. The half pan of salad was voluntarily discarded, and restocked with fresh produce once the temperature came down.

Food not protected in general: The inspector found a single serve portion cup used as a scoop and stored in spices of the reach-in portion of the pizza cooler.

Poor hygiene and activities of food workers: The inspector found employees preparing and serving food without hair restraints.

Improper cleaning, washing and sanitizing of equipment and utensils: The inspector found wire shelving in walk-in cooler not clean, with food debris build-up.

Improper sanitary facilities and controls: The inspector found the floor drain beneath the single-bay prep-sink was not maintained, and needed to be cleaned out.

Improper sanitary facilities and controls: The inspector found the handwashing sink at the front service counter was out of order. There was one available at the other set of double doors from the front counter, in the meantime, while the front one was being repaired.

Inadequate insect/rodent control: Live and dead cockroaches found at:

  • Three bay sink
  • Floors
  • Walls
  • In the hot water heater
  • In the floors and walls by boxed soda stand
  • In the walls and corner by the steamer, beneath the hood in the back

Inadequate insect/rodent control: The inspector found holes in the baseboard, plastic boards on the walls that is pulling away form the walls, plastic stuck on the baseboard that is pulling away from the walls, which is from the harborage of insects.

Improper construction and maintenance of physical facilities: The inspector found edges throughout the establishment were not clean, with food accumulation noted, with solids and liquids.

Many locations passed their inspection between Sept 18-23.

You can see the entire list below.

Courtesy of the Onondaga County Health Department.

Apizza Regionale260 West Genesee StreetSyracuse9/20/2023
Baldwinsville Vol. Fire Dept. Co.7911 Crego RoadVan Buren9/20/2023
Belgium Cold Springs Fire Department7920 River RoadLysander9/20/2023
Biscotti Cafe & Pastry Shop741 North Salina StreetSyracuse9/22/2023
Bistro 1926800 Nottingham RoadDewitt9/18/2023
Black and Brew Bar and Grill3898 New Court AvenueDewitt9/19/2023
Blue BBQ206 Claremont DriveCamillus9/21/2023
Cafe Express411 Butternut StreetSyracuse9/20/2023
Camillus Volunteer Fire Department5801 Newport RoadCamillus9/20/2023
CJ’s Seafood’s2012 Teall AvenueSalina9/22/2023
Crowne Plaza701 East Genesee StreetSyracuse9/20/2023
Cruisin Cones Mobile Unit4153 Milton AvenueCamillus9/18/2023
Dilauro’s Bakery & Pizza Shop502 East Division StreetSyracuse9/21/2023
Domino’s Pizza240 West Seneca StreetManlius9/18/2023
Faith Heritage School3740 Midland AvenueSyracuse9/20/2023
Fireside Inn2347 West Genesee RoadLysander9/20/2023
Fish Cove196 Swansea DriveSyracuse9/20/2023
F-M Youth Football Association Conce700 South Manlius StreetManlius9/17/2023
Food Bank of Central New York7066 Interstate Island RoadVan Buren9/19/2023
Food Bank of CNY – Demo Kitchen7066 Interstate Island RoadVan Buren9/19/2023
Golden Corral115 Simon DriveSyracuse9/20/2023
Green Street Mens Community Residenc121-125 Green StreetSyracuse9/22/2023
Hearth Management @ Franciscan Villa6900 Buckley RoadSalina9/19/2023
Holy Cross Catholic Church3690 Armstrong RoadSyracuse9/20/2023
House of Providence1654 West Onondaga StreetSyracuse9/22/2023
Indian Grill200 Township Boulevard, #10Camillus9/19/2023
Jamesville Fire Department6661 East Seneca TurnpikeDewitt9/22/2023
Kings Lounge105 North Geddes StreetSyracuse9/22/2023
Labcow3206 Erie Boulevard EastDewitt9/21/2023
Lafayette Memorial Post #19552456 Route 11Lafayette9/19/2023
Liverpool-Syracuse Lodge 501 F & AM608 Oswego StreetSalina9/22/2023
Lysander Fire Department664 Lamson RoadLysander9/20/2023
McDonald’s421 7Th North StreetSalina9/18/2023
McDonalds of Baldwinsville2234 Downer StreetVan Buren9/20/2023
Mickeys Goodtime Saloon103 Galster AvenueSyracuse9/20/2023
Panera Bread #15329542 Destiny Usa DriveSyracuse9/18/2023
Poke Noodle9090 Destiny Usa Drive, H209Syracuse9/22/2023
Rodfathers BBQ221 Thornton Circle SouthCamillus9/19/2023
Rosie’s Trackside Diner214 Oswego StreetSalina9/22/2023
Sacred Heart Church of Cicero8229 Brewerton RoadCicero9/19/2023
Sake Japan9090 Destiny Usa DriveSyracuse9/22/2023
Salt City Smokehouse437 South Collingwood AvenueSyracuse9/19/2023
Salt Restaurant & Bar1060 East Genesee StreetSyracuse9/20/2023
Skippy’s Ice Cream Truck #6210 West Terminal RoadSalina9/18/2023
Skippy’s Ice Cream Truck #8210 Terminal RoadSalina9/18/2023
Taco Bell #41903179 Erie Boulevard EastDewitt9/19/2023
Thai Thai Cuisine3138 Erie Boulevard EastDewitt9/21/2023
Thai Village of Liverpool105 First StreetSalina9/22/2023
Tim’s Treats3683 Armstrong RoadSyracuse9/21/2023
Tim’s Treats Commissary3690 Armstrong RoadSyracuse9/21/2023
Toss ‘n’ Fire Wood-Fire Pizza315 North Main StreetClay9/19/2023
Tuscarora Restaurant2901 Howlett Hill RoadCamillus9/21/2023
Warners United Methodist Church6514 Canton StreetVan Buren9/20/2023