ONEIDA, N.Y.(WSYR-TV) — This week, Oneida City Police kicked off a new grant-funded program for safer streets and neighborhoods. It’s a data-driven and “boots on the ground” tactic to fight violent crime.

Tonight, June 2, NewsChannel 9 is joined by Oneida City Police Sgt. Mike Burgess to learn more about it.

One of the strategies includes foot patrols and stopping into businesses, which began this past week.

“What are you hearing from folks and how will it help your officers cut violent crime?”

“First, we have found that many of the people we have spoken with so far are very receptive to this initiative. We are not only using data from incidents, but we are also taking feedback from the local business owners, customers, tenants, and general citizens,” Burgess replied. “Most are more than willing to tell us the issues that they see in their areas, and how they think the issues can be fixed or addressed.”

You can watch the rest of the interview in the player above to hear Jeff, Christie, and Burgess talk about Oneida’s rise in crime and how they are working against it.