ONEIDA COUNTY, N.Y. (WWTI) — The Oneida County Sheriffs’ Office notified residents that they will be monitoring school zones as part of the “No Empty Chair” campaign.

According to the OCSO, the campaign was initiated by the Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee and law enforcement agencies across the state participate in the initiative. The goal of the campaign is to keep young drivers safe and ensure no chairs are empty at high school graduation due to a tragic accident.

To enforce safety measures, county, state, and local law enforcement will be increasing their presence near local high schools. Officers will “be vigilant about violations of specific infractions throughout the week,” according to a post from the Sheriff’s Office. They also stated that officers will also be enforcing other vehicle and traffic laws.

The OCSO reminded individuals of the law that allows for slower speed limits around schools. They stated that New York state law defines a school speed zone as a distance within 1,325 feet on a highway that passes a school building, entrance, or exit of a school bordering the highway.

However, school speed zones only apply to school days, which the law defines as times indicated on the school zone speed limit sign that is between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m., or when the beacons on the school zone speed limit sign are flashing. The beacons can only flash during, and up to 30 minutes before and after, student activities at the designated school.

Law enforcement agencies are encouraging drivers to drive safely and be aware of school zones not only this week but throughout the year.