Onondaga Community College has plan to cut textbook costs in half

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Onondaga Community College is about to become the first public college in America to do something to cut the sky high cost of textbooks.

Starting with the Fall Semester OCC is rolling out the “Box of Books” inclusive access program.

The program would cut in half the cost of textbooks, from about $615 for one semester to about $322 per semester.

OCC President Dr. Casey Crabill says, “Every class, every course, whatever the faculty wants, there’s no limitations on what the faculty can select in terms of text.  This is not a publisher specific program this is a price program.” 

Last year less than half of OCC’s students were able to buy their textbooks.

After months of negotiations with Barnes and Noble, which runs the OCC Bookstore on campus, the bookseller agreed to provide students with flat-rate, predictable pricing for textbooks.

Allison Guzman-Martinez is a student on the OCC Board of Trustees and will be graduating from the school in May.

She says, “I’m so excited because I know how much of a stress that can be for students to not be able to pay for books.”

Barnes and Noble will compile the necessary books based on each student’s registration and have them all available before the first day of classes each semester.

It’s not just a literal box of books that students have access to, they can also buy a Dell Chromebook for $250, which is a $100 savings.

Dr. Crabill says, “When students come through the door and register for a course at Onondaga Community College we want them to be successful.”

You can learn more about OCC’s “Box of Books” program at their Spring Open House on Saturday April 13 at 9 a.m.

Click here to register for the OCC Spring Open House.

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