The huge transformation of the Onondaga County Central Library in The Galleries in Downtown Syracuse is officially done.

The 2nd floor, devoted to children, is the final piece to open with the public getting its first look at it on Tuesday.

Rageswari Aich and her 3-year old are regulars at the Central Library.

She says, “Awesome would be an understatement.  This provides an opportunity for not only reading but also giving them enough resources to develop their imagination.”

Jackie Rudisell brings kids from Pearl’s Day Care Center to the library on a regular basis and agrees this is a 21st- century library.

“Just so updated, contemporary, just the room itself alone educates our children.” Rudisell says.

The goal of the multi-million dollar project is to create a fuller educational experience with the books as a backdrop where they’re readily available but far from the only thing it has to offer.

Susan Mitchell, the Onondaga County Library Executive Director tells NewsChannel 9, “Everyday we would walk through these spaces and look at what had changed from the day before so everyday was a wow day.”

A big part of the project has been moving the library down a few floors including a major street level presence now on South Salina Street.

Mitchell says, “Every time we would open a newly renovated floor we saw a whole new group of people we had never seen before so I think people are feeling very welcomed back to the our spaces.  I think people really need libraries as a community space now and I think it’s more important to our community now than it ever has been in the past.”

The Library now includes a hands-on “maker space” with a 3D printer, sewing machine, and a music recording studio on the first floor.

The entire library is open everyday except Sunday.