SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — The Onondaga County Executive said Thursday he’s “done” dealing with the tax-delinquent owner of Great Northern Mall, resulting in the lawsuit filed in State Supreme Court a day earlier.

The mall’s owner, Mike Kohan, is accused of ignoring monthly back-tax payments previously agreed to and letting the mall fall into disrepair.

NewsChannel 9 reported Wednesday on the owner’s reputation of unpaid bills.

Tuesday, the company’s failure to pay its National Grid bills resulted in the power being shut off and the facility unexpectedly closed to tenants and customers. County Executive Ryan McMahon said a large payment was made by the mall ownership to get the power restored and building reopened Wednesday.

McMahon said Wednesday’s lawsuit was not simply a response to the utility issues, but a long-time coming.

Via the lawsuit, Onondaga County is asking the court to enforce the $5 million in unpaid taxes the mall owes or order a sale of the mall to find the money.

McMahon said the county has referred at least two local developers, who are interested in buying the property, to the mall’s current owner to facilitate a sale.

In a phone interview Tuesday with NewsChannel 9, owner Mike Kohan said: “We’re discussing with potential buyers, so I’ll let you know. I just got to get confirmation.”